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Meglio™ Steam Cleaner



Commercial steam cleaner at a residential price

Department store steam cleaners are unable to attain the
high pressure and heat required to generate dry steam.


No more toxic chemicals in your home

The ecological power of steam lets you clean, disinfect, and sterilize without using any chemicals. Even tough jobs, like grout cleaning, and scale removal can be done without resorting to traditional toxic cleaning chemicals.

Regular tap water is all that is needed to kill germs, bacteria, dust mites and even bed bugs.


No forced breaks – clean non-stop

Most steam cleaners on the market force you to take an hour long break once the machine runs out of water, before you can open the reservoir.

A one hour job can quickly become a 2 or 3 hour job, once you factor in the waiting periods.

Meglio is equipped with a commercial quality reservoir pump that allows you to add water at any time during use, with zero downtime.


Grout and tile cleaning

The toxic fumes that come with grout cleaning acid have been proven to be harmful, even causing burns. Even worse, the chemicals linger in your home for hours or even days.

Forget about heavy gloves, masks, goggles and strong acid. DeLozio Steam cleaners use only water to make your grout look like new.

grout meglio
meglio standing


8 Foot long commercial hose

Less expensive “steam cleaners” can’t generate the temperatures required to create dry steam. That’s why the hoses are so short (6 feet or less).

With a 6 foot hose, you can barely move without having to pull the machine towards you.

The Meglio is equipped with a commercial quality 8 foot hose, 25% longer than convenience store brands.

Safety first

Four levels of protection keep you safe at all times.
Best in class. UL and CSA certified.


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