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Stealth Central Vacuum Kit


For nearly 20 years, Stealth Central Vacuum Kits have satisfied thousands of homeowners with excellent long-term cleaning. The latest Stealth Electric Kit takes quality and performance to a whole new level while maintaining its most popular features.

The Stealth Kit features:

  • Italian Engineered Power Brush
  • Extremely Quiet Operation
  • Lifetime Belt Warranty
  • One Pass Debris Pick-up
  • Accessories and Storage Tools


Stealth Brush

Stealth + Carpet = Perfect Match
A successful relationship between the Stealth Vacuum Power Head and your carpet is measured by how well the carpet is cared for and how little maintenance Stealth requires. Expectations for both are very high since the Italian-made Stealth has the best profile of any vacuum on the market today. Review the features and benefits below for full details.
“Black-Belt” Belt
There is no fear in the Stealth Vacuum Belt – it will vacuum anywhere you want it to, taking in kid’s spilled chips, popcorn, tracked-in rocks and dirt, the lost sock under the bed, quarters, dimes, and nickels, as well as long hair, pet hair, tissues, and every bit of dust, dirt, and dander. The cogged belt’s durable, reinforced rubber allows for a smooth, non-slipping, full performance, deep-down clean every time. If there is too much belt tension the vacuum head will instantly turn off, protecting all the moving parts. That is why the belt has a lifetime warranty. Stealth’s durability and fine-tuned technology consistently allows for well over a decade of household use for all residential cleaning needs.
Hair-Less Brush
It is rare to find a vacuum that does not have lint and hair wrapped around the roller, thus minimizing maximum cleaning effectiveness. Stealth’s single row of 360-degree convergent bristles has the ability to scoop up and move things toward the center on the first pass, allowing the suction to take it in. The roller brush is also computer balanced, reducing noise vibration and increasing Stealth life. Bristles on the roller are the highest quality, rated to 800 hours – many times that of standard brushes.
Strong, Sensitive, Shapely
The Lexan base plate and ABS “body guard” tough exterior are nothing to be ashamed of. Stealth has no toy plastic. Stand on it with all your weight: it will not give in. And still, as rugged as Stealth is, it will not mark up your baseboards. The non-marking rubber bumper provides this assurance. The wheels are also unique. They are on metal axles and have a soft tread that prevents side slipping while vacuuming. The contours of the brush where it meets the carpet allows just the right mix of air so debris can be lifted and swept away. You can have it all – a tough vacuum that also takes care of your home.
Really Cool Bearings
Okay, they are not as cool looking as a kid’s tricked out skateboard, but the brush-roll end bearings on the Stealth are really cool temperature wise. They are also rubber cushioned and sealed to not only reduce heat buildup, but to cut down that irritating vacuuming noise, dirt and hair damage, and help transmit all the motor’s energy directly to the brush for maximum cleaning efficiency. Compare this to any other power brush head and you may just find these bearings are actually pretty “cool” after all.
Serve & Protect Chip
That’s right, this power brush has a computer chip sensor. The chip monitors for excessive motor load many times per second and will instantly shut down the motor if certain parameters are exceeded. Stealth’s super sensitive reaction provides the highest degree of protection for your home and vacuum. Stealth is the first power brush to offer integrated circuitry, with technology that’s been fine tuned over the past decade. Other products cannot compete at this level. If it goes into protection mode, reset by simply flipping the hose handle switch. This same integrated circuit also limits the motor to 5,000 RPM, reducing free spin noise if the brush is lifted off the carpet.
Heavy-Duty Motor
MD’s Stealth Power Head comes with a 5-year motor warranty – the best in the industry. The extended life is a result of superior construction and a super heavy-duty commercial design. The motor has a larger, 24-bar commutator (where electrical power is transferred to the motor’s rotor) which reduces heat buildup and amp usage. Translation? Less wear on the carbon motor brushes which results in longevity and more cleaning power to the brush.Also, electric driven carpet brushes are superior to air turbine brushes for homes with wall-to-wall carpet. The electric motor provides so much power that it creates its own vacuum effect, literally pushing debris up through its neck.
Low Profile with 12 Height Adjustments
The Stealth Central Vacuum generously offers12-levels of height adjustment so you can precisely accommodate your carpet cleaning needs. Whether you have expensive rugs you don’t want to damage, or you want to dig deep for maximum clean, Stealth can take you there. Also, Stealth has one of the lowest furniture clearance heights at 3-3/8″ so your home can be as clean as possible.
Two Sizes Fit All
Stealth Power Head comes in two widths. The more popular model is the 15-inch-wide version as it covers more area faster. The narrower, 12-inch-wide version is popular for smaller homes with lots of pet hair. Both brushes are made in Italy by Lindhaus and share the great quality homeowners have come to expect.
Swivel to Flat
The Stealth Vacuum neck swivels 180 degrees. This allows for more ergonomic vacuuming positions as well as the ability to lay flat. The head, neck, wand, and hose handle can lay completely flat so you can vacuum far back under beds and furniture that have a 3-3/8″ or more gap measurement. When you need to take a break, put the wands up in the locking position and the vacuum will stand upright, ready to be used again at your convenience.

Electric Hose

Supplying Suction and Power

  • Ergonomic Gas-pump Style Handle
  • Available in 30- and 35-foot Lengths
  • 3-way Switch Controls Suction and Vacuum
  • 27% More Air Flow Over Older Hoses
  • Crushproof, Pliable Hose Protects Home
  • 360-Degree Swivel Prevents Kinking
  • Lightweight, Easy to Store
  • 2-Year Warranty
Durable Resilient Hose
The most abused part of any central vacuum is the hose. It gets pulled, stretched, dropped, squashed, slammed, and hung in a closet. Facing this roughness, why settle for a generic hose? The Stealth Kit includes the MD Electric Hose, the best hose in the industry for its durability and performance. It has a comfortable gas-pump handle, three-way switch, 27 percent more airflow than older hoses, is crushproof, light, and swivels 360 degrees.
Gentler on Your Home
Being completely pliable, this hose is easier to handle and is less abrasive on baseboards and furniture. If you step on the hose or accidentally twist it in a knot, it quickly bounces right back into shape. Remarkably, this pliable hose is as durable as the older, wire-reinforced hoses, but without the liability of becoming misshapen or wearing out the baseboards in your home.
Swivels More – Kinks Less
There is nothing worse then a hose that constantly kinks. Walking back or having to twist it to release is a waste of time. With the Stealth Hose, kinks are virtually a thing of the past. You can get right to work because, as the hose is stretched, the 360-degree swivel at the hose handle spins to release each twist that would otherwise stop work from getting done efficiently.
Feel Good Vacuuming
Enjoy the ergonomic gas-pump style handle and convenient three-way switch for finger tip control over everything. Turn the Stealth Head on or off and the actual suction on and off as you please. If the phone rings or you need to stop to move something, simply turn off the vacuum at the hose handle – no need to run back to the wall connection. A handy air flow adjuster comes standard on the heavy duty metal hose end. Use it to reduce the suction when vacuuming drapes or using the crevice tool.

Fits All Central Vacuums Ever Made
The Stealth Central Vacuum Kit will bring life back to any central vacuum system no matter the year, make or model. Your carpets will sing for joy and stand up and praise you for your intelligent decision.

The Stealth Hose comes in Pigtail or Direct Connect. Inlet wall valves all have a wire going to them that controls the suction. Some have four wires that include 110-volts. The 110-volt inlets have two small holes just above or below the main suction hole. These take the direct connect hose end. If there are not two holes it will need the pigtail version, which has an 8-foot cord that easily plugs into a nearby electrical socket.

Lightweight & Easy to Store
You have to feel this to believe it, but the Stealth Vacuum Hose is amazingly lightweight for its size. In use, it moves freely without much pull at all. After using it, simply make four or five loops and set it into the included hose hanger. The hose is available in 30- and 35-feet. We recommend using the shorter length, but if you need the longer hose have no worries, there is no suction loss and it is just as manageable.

We also recommend a hose sock to protect your baseboards and furniture as the hose passes by them. Besides providing protection, the hose sock also allows the hose to slide across all floor types with less effort. There is plenty of room on the hose hanger for the hose with the sock installed.

Accessories & Wands

Axis Agility
The 13-inch-wide Axis Floor Brush is an outstanding tool for hard floors including all wood, tile, cement, and more. The amazing swivel capabilities of Axis makes cleaning fun. There are so many angles you can instantly use to quickly and comfortably vacuum large areas and narrow retreats. The Axis remains flush with the floor no matter how you turn it! The castle-cut brushes in the front and rear allow dirt to be vacuumed while pushing forward AND backward. We guarantee you’ll find cleaning time reduced while covering more area.
Upholstery Tool with Removable Brush
This handy 6-inch tool is convenient for gentle or deep cleaning of sofas, chairs, drapes, tracks, cabinets, car interiors, narrow floor areas, and much more. It has dual surfaces for different cleaning needs. The detachable brush strip attaches and detaches as desired. Simply slide the brush section on for one type of cleaning or take it off for another.
Oval Dusting Brush
Redefine dusting by not only picking up dust, but also whisking it away into the vacuum, not allowing it to float in the air and resettle. Plus, this brush is the tool for all those hard-to-dust areas such as blinds, sills, fans, keyboards, door jams, and screens. The Deluxe Dusting Brush makes quick work of them all with its durable horse hair and synthetic mixed bristles.
Crevice Tool
Sofa cushion crumbs, hard-to-reach narrow spots, carpet-furniture borders, and dusty refrigerator coils all need the attention of the narrow, suction-focused Crevice Tool. If the suction at the end is too much, open the air relief valve on the hose handle. The Crevice Tool’s attention to detail always makes for a more satisfyingly clean home.

Stealth Telescopic Wand
The dedicated Stealth Wand stays attached to the Stealth at all times. Extend or retract the telescopic adjustment to find the most ergonomic cleaning position. The hose handle easily slides in and out of the top with a button lock and release feature. The wand is extremely well built with a metal body, thick plastic, and real screws. This wand has been put to the test and is ready to work for you.

All the accessories in the Stealth Kit and sold by MD will fit on this wand.

Comfort Grip Telescopic Wand
This high-quality, secondary metal wand is much like the Stealth Wand but for the other accessories. We suggest leaving it attached to the Axis Floor Brush. That way, when you are done vacuuming the carpets with Stealth you simply disconnect the wand from the hose handle and connect this wand and continue vacuuming your hard floors. It too is adjustable for the users optimal cleaning height and the soft disconnect feature is a real pleasure to use. No more hassle trying to disengage the wands or using inferior plastic wands.

All the accessories in the Stealth Kit and sold by MD will fit on this wand.


Wall Wand Clamps
Keep cabinet and closet floors freed up as you store the wands (with brushes attached) using Wall Wand Clamps. The sturdy clamps are easy to use with no slippage – even with the Stealth Head attached. The Stealth Central Vacuum Kit includes two Wall Wand Clamps.
Tool Caddy
The Tool Caddy mesh bag holds accessories and hangs on the metal hose hanger. Carry it as needed or just grab a tool out of it and go. Having a larger, single-pocket caddy is a plus because it will hold all the accessories you want without them falling out. In fact, we suggest filling it with extra accessories. All the accessories on this website are compatible with the Stealth Central Vacuum Kit!
Hose Hanger
Storing the hose off the floor and detached from wands greatly increases its longevity. Here is how to do it. Starting with the hose handle, make four or five loops on the ground, scoop the hose up, and set it in the Hose Hanger. Once you get the hang of it, it’s really quick and easy. The sturdy metal hose hanger will not break and takes up little space.
Clip-on Tool Caddy
Carry smaller accessories with you while vacuuming, right on the wands, using the Clip-on Tool Caddy. The tools will certainly get used more and the home will be consistently cleaner.



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