All Things Clean provides vacuum cleaner repair & maintenance service for customers in San Jose, Los Gatos, Campbell, Santa Cruz, Palo Alto, Morgan Hill, Fremont, Milpitas and beyond.


We offer a full range of vacuum repair and services including:

  • Full tear-down, cleaning, and inspection.
  • Testing of electrical systems and components.
  • Where applicable, polishing and re-seating of motor commutators.
  • Replacement of standard consumables such as belt*, bag, motor filter*, and lamp(s).
  • Replacement of defective components.

We repair all makes and models of every vacuum manufactured in the last few decades including Miele, Hoover, Dyson, Sebo, Simplicity, Lindhaus, Oreck and others. We also repair and service Central Vacuum Systems.

We also do warranty repair work and we have Miele certified repair technicians in the shop.

Vacuum cleaner repairs are performed on site in our Los Gatos store, or at your location anywhere in the San Jose-Silicon Valley area if you have a central vacuum system that cannot be transported.

Standard service fees (not exhaustive)

Power team canister systems (units with a powered floor brush): $95.00-$125.00
Suction only canister systems: $85
Hard Shell uprights: $75
Soft Bag uprights: $75
Dyson, Shark, Kirby, & Miele Uprights: $95.00-$125.00
Bagless Canisters: $75.00-$95.00
Bagless Hand Vacuums: $65
Central Vacuum Service Call: $250
Bagless Uprights: $95
Power team canister systems (units with a powered floor brush) $95.00-$125.00
Suction only canister systems $85
Hard Shell uprights $75
Soft Bag uprights $75
Dyson, Shark, Kirby, & Miele Uprights $95.00-$125.00
Bagless Canisters $75.00-$95.00
Bagless Hand Vacuums $65
Central Vacuum Service Call $250
Bagless Uprights $95

We recommend that you have your vacuum cleaner serviced once a year.

Your vacuum cleaner is like your car. It needs to receive periodic maintenance and repairs if you want it to last a long time and perform at its best. All Things Clean in Los Gatos can perform all the needed maintenance and repairs on your vacuum to keep it running in tip top shape.

Standard vacuum maintenance includes…

  1. Full tear-down, cleaning, and inspection.
  2. Testing of electrical systems and components.
  3. Where applicable, polishing and re-seating of motor commutators.
  4. Replacement of standard consumables such as belt*, bag, motor filter*, and lamp(s).
  5. Replacement of defective components.
  6. Reassembly and final testing.

*Some vacuums have non-standard items which will require a fee.

We also offer deodorization and disinfection services.

For all central vacuum repair, service, and installation work, please call our store
at 408-354-4460 or email to schedule an appointment.

If you are experiencing problems with your central vacuum system, we are the go-to experts in the Los Gatos area for repairing, servicing, and upgrading built-in vacuums.

We will make sure you get a quick diagnosis, an expert repair done by an experienced technician, and a price unmatched by our competition. We service all brands, makes, and models of central vacuums, and are able to assist with almost any issue that should arise, such as:

  • Central vacuum clogs
  • Central vacuum clicking
  • Inlet problems
  • Wiring malfunctions
  • Brush and hose issues
  • Pipe problems (i.e. clogs, weak suction, etc.)
  • Anything else related to your central vacuum

Offering 10 Point Inspection

  • Clean Power Unit & Main Filter
  • Clean Secondary Filter
  • Inspect Power Unit Motor(s) & Brushes
  • Inspect Power Unit Electronics & Gaskets
  • Check Low Voltage Connections
  • Inspect All Wall Plates (Inlet Valves)
  • Check Vacuum System for Clogs
  • Examine Hose & Connections
  • Clean Pipes & Refresh System
  • Examine Hose Storage

We specialize in upgrading older Filtex, Beamco, Grand Central, and Sequoia power units to newer, more powerful units. We also have a large variety of hoses, tools, attachments, fittings, inlets, beater brushes, and filters if yours happens to break or turn up missing.

We also carry a variety of parts and accessories compatible with almost any central vacuum system, such as motors, hoses, inlets, filtration systems, power heads, and even power units from MD Manufacturing.

We will guide you through the process, and it is our pleasure to assure you that your built-in vac system will work the way it is supposed to by thoroughly testing it before leaving your home. You can even try out some of the newest central vacuum accessories while we are there. Call us today with your central vac problems!

Contact us to schedule a repair or ask any questions you may have.