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MD SilentMaster S560r


In Stock

Single 2-stage 5.7″ by-pass motor, 120 volts, 8 gallon tru-seal bag, 62 dBa, up to 8000 sqft


Engineered to Please and Perform in Any Home

Assembled in USA

Silent Master’s dual-motor units boast high levels of suction and airflow simultaneously which sustains powerful cleaning throughout the system. This higher level of performance is coupled with longevity as the two motors can operate at lower RPM as compared to single motor models.

SilentMaster Highlights

SilentMaster Central Vacuum
  • Ultra Quiet Sound Suppression
  • Excellent Power and Longevity
  • True 8-Gallon Capacity
  • Less Filtration Maintenance
  • More Sustained Suction
  • Industry Best Warranty
  • Utility Valve Hose Connection

Maximized Cleaning

Silent-Master Filtration

Models ranging from 495 to 900 air watts provide deep cleaning power for any home. Silent Master’s Tru-Seal® Microfiltration features a closed bag, 5-ply microfilter that connects to both intakes and the utility valve and holds 8 gallons of debris.

Minimized Risk

Silent Master’s performance and value are unequaled and backed by a 12-year transferable warranty that even covers “normal wear and tear.” Silent Master is MD’s premiere power unit line.


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