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About All Things Clean, our story


All Things Clean

Our Story

Our curated selection of globally sourced products is simply the best you can buy. We stand behind their quality with white glove service to ensure the products you rely on to keep your home clean perform at the absolute highest level possible.

What we can provide

Realizing the Need

In today’s world, we spend more time than ever in our homes. The world outside is more chaotic than ever, so we’ve invested more in quality items to make our homes a sanctuary. And while we’ve found stores to purchase upscale furniture, flooring, dish ware, and decor, we too often buy tools to care for our home from the big box stores.

In the big box stores, we’re surrounded by disposable products. Clothing and furniture in the big box stores are designed to be replaced every year.

Appliances, vacuums, and laundry machines from classic American brands are nearly all made in China and rarely work well past the first few years of use.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have the same level of service when choosing your next vacuum, dishwasher, or laundry machine set that you get when you buy other upscale products? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a knowledgeable person show you products that can last 10-20 years (like the ones we grew up with) and help you choose the right one based on your unique needs?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone to call who will actually pick up the phone and help you instead of sending you to a call center?

Our Mission

Reclaiming Clean

Our mission is simple – a cleaner home.

Pollution, pollen, viruses, and bacteria are a bigger concern today than they were 10 years ago. We understand more about how these things affect our family’s health and we want to do more to ensure that when we’re home, we’re protected. We curate brands from around the world to bring you the very best machines and products to keep your home clean. We’re constantly evaluating the latest products so we can recommend products that make cleaning more effective, faster, and more enjoyable.

Clean surfaces, clean floors, clean linens, clean dishes, and clean air are the key to a happy and healthy home – your sanctuary from the outside world.


Caring For Our Planet

We are working everyday towards being a more responsible business, and that has more often than not come in a way that we never before imagined. Now, unfortunately we are faced to deal with the rummage from the chain stores day in and day out.

The same situation arises in our storefront all too often. In comes what we refer to as a disposable vacuum.

What is a disposable vacuum?

Bluntly put, it is a vacuum typically sold at a big box retailer with way too much marketing behind it, always made in China and with little or no support and parts available for it. These vacuums can range in price but the price has no bearing on whether it is a “good or bad purchase” for the environment. The problem amplifies when millions upon millions of these machines are sold every year and their typical lifespan is somewhere between 6 months and 3 years.

These “manufactures” use non recyclable plastics, they assemble them in clamshell designs that are almost near impossible to take apart and they don’t sell parts needed to repair them even if one was to want to repair or maintain it.

We as an independent retailer try our best to educate, accommodate and inform customers of the devastating impact these machines make when thrown in the dump.

We do our best to help the environment by breaking down and recycling the few pieces that can be for customers who venture into our showroom with a “disposable vacuum” that’s not repairable.

Our Owner

Jon Ellis

Born in the Bay Area and raised (after school) in the backroom of a small retail vacuum and sewing store, Jon enjoyed a loving, supportive relationship with his parents in their workplace.

Taking care of local customers brought great joy to the family, and Jon loved working with his father, getting his hands dirty while learning to service and repair all the machines their store sold.

Jon learned so much during his time working with his family. 20 years later, he has a deep and rich knowledge of the industry, he knows who makes quality products that last, how to help customers find products that are the best fit for their unique use case, and how to run an upscale business focused on the customer first.

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