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We offer a full range of central vacuum services including:

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- Servicing all brands including MD, CycloVac, Grand Central, Beamco, Sequoia, Beam, NuTone, Hayden, Electrolux, Simplicity, Riccar, M&S, Honeywell, and Filtex

We service all areas of the Bay Area and Santa Cruz including but not limited to San Jose, Los Gatos, Monte Sereno, Scotts Valley, Capitola, Soquel, Santa Cruz, Saratoga, Campbell, Cupertino, Sunnyvale, Los Altos, Mountain View, Santa Clara, Milpitas, Fremont, and Menlo Park.

For all central vacuum service and installation work, please call our store
at 408-354-4460 or email to schedule an appointment.

Learn why it’s time to change to a whole house central vacuum system from All Things Clean in Los Gatos.

The central vacuums we sell and install are either from CycloVac or MD Central Vacuum, both have been leaders in the central vacuum industry for many years. CycloVac’s product are designed and manufactured in Canada and include up to 15 years of product warranty. MD’s product lines Silent Master, Modern Day, AirMaster, and FloMaster, are designed and assembled in the USA and backed with a transferable 12-year warranty. Here are a few benefits.

Benefits of a central vacuum:

- Quieter – The motor is typically in your garage, away from your living quarters. You can vacuum when your family is sleeping!

- 2-3 times more powerful suction gets your carpets cleaners.

- No power cords to get in the way.

- No re-circulated dust particles that trigger allergies or require re-dusting your home.

- Lightweight – No more carrying a heavy vacuum cleaner up the stairs.

Power Units

The Heart of the Central Vacuum System the power unit creates all the suction needed for cleaning your entire home.

Cyclovac H725
Cyclovac H615
Cyclovac H215
MD AirMaster XL A900rQ  
MD AirMaster XL A715h  
MD AirMaster A650t  
MD Flo-Master F600t  
MD Flo-Master F700t  
MD SilentMaster S560r  
MD SilentMaster S900r Series  
Cyclovac GS135  
Cyclovac HD925

Attachment Kits

Complete Kits of everything needed inside the home for your Central Vacuum System.

Premium Low Voltage Kit  
Standard Low Voltage Kit  
Premium Low Voltage Turbo Kit  
Standard Low Voltage Turbo Kit  
Premium Direct Connect/Corded Kit
MD Stealth Kit  
Premium 4 Piece Attachment Kit  
Cyclovac Direct Connect/Corded DataSync Kit
Cyclovac Low Voltage DataSync Kit  


Full Selection of Hoses, for your Central Vacuum System.

Premium 35' Low Voltage Hose
Premium 35' Direct Connect/Corded Hose  
Standard 35' Low Voltage Hose  
Standard 35' Direct Connect Hose  
Standard 35' Corded Hose  
Cyclovac 35' Low Voltage DataSync Hose  
Cyclovac 35' Direct Connect/Corded DataSync Hose  


Full Selection of Carpet Nozzles, Floor Brushes, and tools for your Central Vacuum System.

Telescopic Wand 1 1/4"  
SEBO ET-1 Central Vacuum Wand  
SEBO ET-1 Power Head
Standard Air-Driven Turbobrush  
Premium Air-Driven Turbobrush  
Premium Soft Bristle Floor Brush  
Standard Hard Floor Brush
Wand Wall Clamp  
18-inch Plastic Wand  
Clean and Turn Hard Floor Brush  
SEBO Turn & Clean Parquet Twister  
SEBO ET-2 Power Head
Standard Metal Neck Hard Floor Brush

Bags & Filters

Keep your machine in tip top shape with fresh bag and filters.

MD Tru-Seal Bags  
Cyclovac Heavy Duty Bags  
Cyclovac Carbon Dust Filter Set  
MD Disc Filter  
Cyclovac Filtration Heavy Duty Kit  
MD Tru-Seal Upgrade Kit  
Cyclovac Heavy Duty Short Bags  

Installation Parts

Central Vacuum Tubing, connectors and parts needed for installation of Central Vacuum Systems.

J Shaped Pipe Hanger  
Exhaust Vent Flap for Central Vacuum Pipe  
3-in-1 Mounting Bracket PVC  
Pipe Strap  
Straight Tee PVC Vacuum 3-way Connector  
Double Wye PVC Vacuum 3-way Connector  
45 Wye PVC Vacuum 3-way Connector  
90 Sweep Tee PVC Vacuum 3-way Connector  
Coupling PVC Vacuum Connector  
45 Spigot PVC Vacuum Connector  
45 Degree PVC Vacuum Connector  
90 Spigot PVC Vacuum Connector  
90 Sweep PVC Vacuum Connector  
90 Short PVC Vacuum Connector  

DataSync Systems

The DataSync Technology

CycloVacs exclusive DataSync technology allows the selection of four power levels; signals when to change the bag or empty the canister; and even indicate when mechanical maintenance is recommended. All this information is available right on your hose handle!

Cyclo Vac introduces its latest technology: the DataSync. Unique and exclusive, the Synchronized Data Monitors allow the selection of four power levels, signal when to change the bag or empty the canister, and indicate when maintenance is recommended.

All this information is available on the LCD monitor at the front of the central vacuum unit and directly on the hose handle, right at your fingertips!

For all central vacuum service and installation work, please call our store
at 408-354-4460 or email to schedule an appointment.

Conventional Systems


How a Central Vacuum System Works

Simply plug in the hose and experience all the benefits of a central vacuum. Installs in new construction and existing homes.

The central vacuum system is made up of individual components with each component playing an important role in reducing the owner’s workload. The owner doesn’t have to carry around a bulky appliance since the motor is stationary. Since the dust and debris are removed from the living area and emitted outside, there’s no unpleasant smell or re-circulated dust. The lightweight hose makes it easy to just plug into an inlet and start cleaning. The individual components of a central vacuum system are explored below:

The Core: Vacuum Unit


At the core of the system is the central vacuum power unit. A powerful motor provides strong suction and deep cleaning, while the filter separates debris.

How it Works

The vacuum unit is located in a remote location such as the garage or basement. The vacuum motor pulls air through the pipes and hose, and all the dust, debris, paper, hair, coins, and even small toys accidentally vacuumed are captured and retained in the filter. The exhausted air then is quite clean and is either vented outside or within the area. Depending on the type and capacity of the filter used, it should be replaced every three months to a year. The vacuum is powered on when a vacuum hose is inserted into an inlet within the home.


1. Filtration. Disposable or permanent filters.

2. Power. 110 or 240 volt. Units available for every size home.

3. Quality. Metal or plastic, name brand components or not.

4. Sound. Ranges from loud to conversational noise level.

The Control: Vacuum Hose


Central vacuum hoses are lightweight, flexible, and crushproof. They come in a variety of lengths, and are the only part of the system taken in hand throughout the home and can be used to clean any surface of the home.

How it Works

Traditional Vacuum Hoses: The long hose has two ends. The wall end gets plugged into one of the vacuum inlet ports throughout the home. Some hoses are designed to cause the suction to start immediately when plugged in. Other hoses are fitted with an on/off switch for the suction on the handle end of the hose.

Hide-A-Hose: This hose is contained in the pipes of the system until it is pulled out for use. When done vacuuming, the hose is retracted back into the pipes by the suction of the vacuum.


1. Traditional and Hide-A-Hose available in many lengths.

2. Traditional hose systems can use a variety of hose types.

3. Electric hose (traditional style) powers electric vacuum head.

4. Hide-A-Hose available with and without on/off handle switch.

The Connectivity: Pipe and Inlets


Special vacuum pipe connects the main unit to the wall inlet valves. The inlet valves, or ports, connect to the hose and enable the suction to be turned on and off.

How it Works

The two-inch diameter PVC pipe begins at the main unit and splits off into different areas of the house. It goes into a wall and connects to the back of an inlet. One inlet can cover a lot of area, sometimes over 1,000 square feet. A Hide-A-Hose inlet with a 50-foot hose can cover 2,300 square feet. Traditional inlets are available with 110 volts for the use of powerful carpet cleaners; Hide-A-Hose does not have that option. All inlets have a low voltage wire connected that turns the suction unit on-and-off.


1. Traditional inlets come in a variety of colors and styles.

2. Traditional inlets available with a 110-volt connection.

3. Hide-A-Hose inlets come in three colors.

4. Hide-A-Hose inlets are typically mounted higher.

Hide-A-Hose Systems

Solving the problem of storing the hose

The Hide-A-Hose retractable hose management system stores the hose in the pipe. Pull out to use it, then simply let the suction pull it back in.

Our Showroom in Los Gatos has a live working Hide-A-Hose System for customers to demo and try.

With the Hide-A-Hose system you will never need to carry or store bulky vacuum hoses. Simply pull out the amount of hose you need from the inlet valve, connect your cleaning wand (with attachment) and begin vacuuming.

When you have finished vacuuming, detach the cleaning wand from the hose, then the suction from the central vacuum power unit effortlessly retracts the hose into the SmartTube™ system hidden behind the wall. With the ability to store up to 50 feet of hose, one wall connection can cover up to 2,300 square feet vacuuming space.

Homeowners also benefit from the cleaner air made possible since central vacuum units are located outside of the living space and do not re-circulate allergens or dust mites. Central vacuums are also are quieter and three to five times more powerful than portable vacuums.

Drop by the store in Los Gatos to learn more about central vacuums today!

If you don’t want to pay for a lot of “features” that don’t really help you clean your floors any better, you should buy your vacuum from a place that also fixes them. They know what gets the job done, what doesn’t, and what breaks!


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